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About Us

All Wall Stickers is an Australian based business selling beautiful wall stickers and wall decals for childrens bedrooms, nursery and home. Founded by Nina Morley in 2013, the business has grown from strength to stength but is still family owned and operated on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia.

Nina's Story...

I opened All Wall Stickers shortly after the birth of my twins. We had just built a house and the blank, stark white walls in the childrens bedrooms desperately needed brightening up. I spent ages looking for pictures to hang but couldnt quite find the right ones. Then I decided that wall stickers were the way to go: They were bright and colourful and could fill whole walls as well as being removable so that as the children grew and their tastes changed so too could their walls. So I set about looking for wall stickers. I searched Google for wall stickers, wall decals, childrens wall stickers, nursery wall stickers and what I found shocked me. They were soooo expensive! Im talking upwards of $70 and some companies even wanted $275 or they were being shipped from abroad meaning that I would have to wait weeks and weeks for my stickers to arrive. This frustrated me and I thought to myself that someone should set up a Australian based shop that sells great quality stickers at reasonable prices. And so I did. We have sourced a huge range of beautiful stickers that are affordable as well as great quality. 

And now 10 years on, my little start up has grown more than I could ever have imagined. 

Take a look, I hope you love them as much as we do.